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Secure the tradition of the demolition of the police chief, hundreds of charms are helped from tni and satpol pp


Apr 29, 2023

JATENG, bhayangkaraperdananews.com | Demak – Hundreds of Demak Police personnel standby in various tourist attractions. Strict supervision with the TNI, Dishub, Satpol PP and Linmas are carried out in the activities of the Syawalan or Kupatan tradition in Demak Regency.

A total of 110 Demak Police personnel standby for the security of all tourist attractions in the Syawalan tradition held a week after Eid in Demak Regency.

“We are under 110 personnel for the security of all tourist attractions in Demak Regency. The goal is for visitors to feel safe and comfortable during Shawalan,” said AKBP Budi Adhy Buono, Saturday (4/29/2023).

The place of the Syawalan tradition that became popular among the people of Demak and its surroundings, namely sea alms in the form of a cesarung which was carried out by fishermen at the Morodemak Beach Fisheries Port, Bonang District, Demak Regency.

“The purpose of the sea alms tradition is to express gratitude to Allah SWT, as well as the form of the efforts of fishermen with the hope of getting the blessings of abundance of sustenance and safety. Therefore, many local and foreign citizens are present in the tradition that has lasted for hundreds of years,” he said.

In addition to the sea alms tradition, in the Demak area itself, the Syawalan tradition is held in a number of places, namely Onggojoyo Beach in Wedung District, Morosari Beach in Sayung District, Degega tourist attraction in Mijen District and Glagahwangi Beach in Karangtengah District.

In addition, some swimming pool tourist attractions such as Polaris in Wonosalam District, Niagara’s waterbom in Demak District and several other swimming pools are also the attraction of local and outside the area.

“Not closing the possibility of a Shawalan moment like this being used by the perpetrators of evil. Therefore, we increase security and supervision throughout tourist objects,” he explained.

According to the Police Chief, the Syawalan tradition that had stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the community has allowed it to go home for Eid makes the people’s passion for tourism increase and make many tourist attractions in Demak Regency operate again.

“There were many accidents in the sea and the victim of the child drowned in the swimming pool during the Syawalan tradition. We urge the community to stay careful, alert and don’t be careless in the supervision of the children while on the water ride,” he concluded. (MBPN-Demak